First Blog


This is my first time blogging. I am like super bored at home, just watching television or reading old and boring books or maybe even trying out some video games or something like that. Iam 18 now and i dont have much liberty to travel anywhere or to explore my interests. I just go to college , do the boring work , and come back home in a van.

So…i somehow stumbled into this app, while I was simply scrolling playstore for something like this and now iam here. This is my first time doing something like this and first time to even blog, though i always liked the idea of it, i never put those into action. But iam here now. Doing just that. So I will try to blog daily at one particular time and see if it works out for me or not.

Cute Artificial colored chicks!!

So heyy! Today we found two very cute chicks near our house. Those two look kind of weak to me, but very cute nevertheless. They almost became the food for the street dogs, but father bought it home. And i was so surprised seeing them. They are, currently, in a box obviously, eating rice and making some voices continuously for hours. Dont they sleep?

Even though iam a animal lover, i was still, kind of, just a Lil’ bit, afraid of their beaks. Whenever I went around them, i thought if they will suddenly jump on me? Silly ofc.

Anyways, on a serious note, i really feel bad that they will die so soon. Iam not saying this because I got attached or something. But i read somewhere that people sell them because of money and people buy them because they are so idle apparently, and petting colourful cute chicks, who will die soon anyways, makes them look cool? I dont know much about other regions, tbh, but here, in my city, it’s kind of a trend. The sales are really high. That’s really sad.


My everyday is the same, there is not exactly fun things going on in my life so it’s difficult to write blogs with less enthusiasm. But I’m bored and i always liked trying out new things so here I’m. Well, like in the last blog i talked about boredom, which is true, I’m dreading with boredom but i have also found some solutions for it which, in my opinion are not healthy or for long-term but something is better than nothing.

I have started learning languages like Telugu, British English, Portuguese, Arabic and Dutch. The Dutch pronounciation is always difficult but other than that they all are easy and important enough languages. Iam also playing games like dead target and plague Inc, which to some extent keeps my mind out of boredom and also hold my interest for longer periods.

Iam just an amateur but Iam also learning phyton( a programming language) through an app which i didnt found too difficult to learn. The language is obviously something iam unfamiliar with, but I guess as i go on, i would get used to it.

This is useful and fun obviously, but being in the company of a mobile for hours is not healthy and is also not an permanent solution for boredom. What iam doing is also beneficial for me, but i wish, not everything was about phones and mobile.

Boring days!


I feel so bored. I wish I had some excitement in my life. Does any have you has it? The excitement, something to keep your mind off things, to keep your body buzzing with energy, and Adrenaline rush? I always wanted and want to have it. My childhood as an asian was typically boring. My life was always like from school to home or home to school. Now the only difference is that iam in college. How pathetic right?

Boredom is such a complete suckass feeling. Like I can cope better with other emotions, like sadness, irritation, pain and even anger to some extent. I dont like feeling angry eithier but it’s better than boredom.

Just sitting idle, making some messed up, broken random scenerio in the mind is my habit now. A routine. Something i can’t help it. Now, even if I do something, those pictures or scenes which i create out of boredom on some idle times, comes out of nowhere and disturb my focus and the task in hand. I dont know for how long I had to bear it. Iam telling now I will change my habits and routines once i step out from my house, forever.

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